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Our products are specifically chosen for their effectiveness. We offer the choice to our customers between traditional products and green products.

Our green products consist of non-toxic agents. With these products, you can relax knowing your pets or children are not in harm.

Our traditional products consists of bleach, comet, Pine-sol and will beat the toughest dirt to the chase!

Summer Rentals and Year-round


  • Pine-Sol or Murphys for floors
  • Comet or Bathroom Cleaner for Shower
  • Gel-Based Bleach for Toilets
  • Lemon-based Furniture Polish

    Green Products

  • Greenworks Toliet and bath cleaners
  • Vinegar-based window cleaner
  • Vinegar based floor cleaner
  • Alcohol-based, lemon scented dusting fluid
  • Our vacuums use True HEPA filtration technology to capture dust and allergens.

  • Our teams use a 21-Step Cleaning Method, and eco-friendly products.

  • Homeowner has ability to add tasks to cleaning plan.

  • A dedicated-cleaning team with the same members for your home.

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